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Second Grant Call for SG Eco Fund

About SG Eco Fund

The $50 million SG Eco Fund was set up in 2020 to support projects that advance environmental sustainability and involve the community.

Since independence, Singapore has sought to balance economic growth with environmental sustainability and social inclusion. Climate change is a global challenge. Given Singapore’s constraints as a small and highly-urbanised city-state, we must leverage our strengths to enhance our climate resilience and transition to a Zero Waste Nation.

A sustainable and green Singapore can only be achieved with the people, private, and public sectors working in partnership to protect our environment and keep our public spaces clean, green and liveable. Through the SG Eco Fund, we hope to enable our community to build a sustainable Singapore for both present and future generations.

Our Vision

Together, a sustainable and green Singapore for all generations.

Our Mission

To enable our community to build a sustainable and green Singapore.

Funding Principles

Our assessment of projects will be guided by the following principles:

  1. Environmental Benefit – Projects should advance environmental sustainability in Singapore
  2. Community Action – Projects should inspire and enable the community to co-create and/or co-deliver environmental solutions
  3. Innovation – Projects should have technological and/or social innovation, and new ways of implementing solutions
  4. Sustained Impact – Projects should create sustained impact through building local expertise, creating resources, and/or developing scalable solutions

These funding principles represent the characteristics of a good project that the evaluation committee looks out for.

For more information and application details on the grants, please click here