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Our Research Themes

Development of Novel Membrane Materials

Development of Novel Membrane Materials, based on Market Needs, and Processes for their Fabrication

Development of Novel Membrane Materials

Membrane innovations build upon existing and new materials such as polymer, ceramics, graphene and hybrid versions to improve selectivity and reduce fouling, among other characteristics. Venturing into new industries will require novel membranes to address different types of streams and applications that existing membranes and its inherent properties may not be able to address.

Module Elements

Design, Assembly and Testing of Modules/Elements

Module Elements

Novel materials will need to be translated and scaled up to industrial sized elements which will be housed in modules that are specifically designed based off end user application and operating conditions.

Membrane Systems

Systems, Processes, Operation, Integration, and Optimization

Membrane Systems

Systems designed based on user application generally necessitates the integration of multiple membrane modules including installation of process monitoring and analytical sensors at pilot or actual operating scale and conditions.

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