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[Position filled] Sr Project Leader in Membrane Technology, Seppure

  • Role Summary:

The candidate will be responsible for polymeric membrane fabrication, module design and assembly, process development, system design, and industrial pilot project management. The candidate will be involved in R&D and pilot projects with industrial partners both in laboratory environment as well as customer’s premises. Focus will surround the development of “hollow fiber” and “flat sheet” polymeric solvent-resistant nano-filtration membranes for industrial chemical separation applications. The potential candidate will report to the Product Manager and CEO.

  • Key Responsibilities:

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

  1. Hollow fiber and flat sheet polymeric membrane fabrication.
  2. Hollow fiber module design and assembly (potting, cutting, etc.).
  3. Testing membrane modules at lab- and pilot-scale.
  4. Establishing a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for membrane & module fabrication.
  5. Material formulation, post-treatment of membranes, process operation and optimization, and membrane quality control.
  6. Using his/her technical expertise effectively in the development process and product innovation.
  7. Physical characterizations of polymeric membranes (XPS, FTIR, XRD, SEM, TEM, etc.).
  8. Interpretation of the laboratory results to establish novel membrane-based processes which can be applied in different industries such as vegetable oil, pharmaceutical and petrochemical. Candidates should be familiar with dead-end / cross-flow filtration systems.
  9. Work with a team of experts, engineers, and chemists to streamline membrane scale-up process for pilot- and industrial-scale system assembly, implementation, and operations.
  10. Support engineering team in troubleshooting during pilot testing operations.
  11. Analyze data and prepare comprehensive reports for submission to senior management and customers.
  • Requirements:
  1. Chemical Engineering, Polymer, Material, Chemistry, Environmental Engineering graduates with a Ph.D. (+2 years of work experience), Master’s (+4 years of work experience), and Bachelor’s degree (+6 years of work experience); industrial experience in hollow fiber membrane fabrication, module assembly, membrane process design and engineering from a well-known industry or a research institute is required.
  2. Strong knowledge and experience on polymeric membrane fabrication (hollow fiber/flat sheet) and process design, control, and engineering. Experience in solvent-resistant nano-filtration membrane development is a plus.
  3. Proficiency in design of experiments, statistical data analysis and systematic experiment records is required.
  4. Ability to carry independent research (self-starter) and work closely with other team members to achieve group goals is essential.
  5. Self-motivated with excellent English communication skills (oral and writing).
  6. Ability to work with professionals from diverse backgrounds and cultures.


  • Benefits:

Competitive salary; A unique growth opportunity; Diverse responsibilities; An interesting/challenging working environment; Employee stock option plan.


  • Location:



If you want to work in a dynamic environment and are keen to make an impact on the future of chemical separation field, submit your cover letter and comprehensive resume detailing your working experience, academic qualifications, and current/expected salaries.

You can directly apply by sending over your CV to quoting “SENIOR PROJECT LEADER IN MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY”.