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[Position Filled] Senior Membrane Scientist, SEPPURE


Open, accepting applications.


The applicants will be responsible for the polymeric membrane fabrication and module design as well as process development. Focus will surround the development of solvent-resistant nanofiltration membranes intended for use in food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. The applicants will be involved in R&D projects in laboratory environment.


You can directly apply by sending over your CV to quoting “Membrane Development Expert”


  1. Fabrication of polymeric membranes in both hollow-fiber and flat-sheet configurations. Candidates having experience with equipment used in hollow-fiber spinning and module making are preferred.
    2. Physical characterizations of polymeric membranes (XPS, FTIR, XRD, SEM, TEM, etc.)
    3. To design and develop membrane modules (hollow-fiber / spiral-wound).
    4. Interpretation of the laboratory results to establish novel membrane-based processes which can be applied in different industries such as vegetable oil, pharmaceutical and petrochemical. Candidates should be familiar with dead-end / cross-flow filtration systems.


  1. A Ph.D., Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Polymer, Material, Chemistry, Environmental Engineering or a related technical field.
    2. Research or working experience in polymeric membrane fabrication (hollow fiber/flat sheet) and process design. Experience in organic solvent nanofiltration (OSN) membranes is a plus.
    3. Ability to carry independent research and work closely with other team members to achieve group goals is essential.
    4. Self-motivated with excellent English communication skills (oral and writing).
    5. Good publication record is a plus.


Benefits: Competitive salary; A unique growth opportunity; Diverse responsibilities; Flexibility; An interesting/challenging working environment; Employee stock option plan (case by case).

Location: Singapore