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Virtual Seminar: Urban residential water usage in response to climate variability in China, 24 July 2020

Event date & time
24 Jul 2020
11.00 AM - 12.15 PM
Virtual Webinar via Zoom
(+65) 6516 2083

About the Event

Synopsis (Registration link to be updated; alternatively email for registration):

Climate change poses a significant threat to the supply of scarce freshwater resources in China. However, it is unclear how climate change would also affect water consumption – the fastest growing source of water demand in China.

We use a novel dataset from over 40,000 Chinese households, and find that water usage shares a non-linear relationship with daily temperature, and discover heterogeneity along dimensions of background environmental conditions and socioeconomic groups. By aggregating the dataset to different temporal scales, we also find evidence of adaptation changing behaviors, where, over time, households increase water usage to cope with high-temperature days.



Dr. Jie-Sheng Tan-Soo