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Virtual Seminar: New water challenges in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta: Discourses of institutional adaptation, 21 July 2020

Event date & time
21 Jul 2020
10.30 - 11.45 AM
Virtual Webinar via Zoom
(+65) 6516 2083

About the Event

Synopsis (Registration link to be updated; alternatively email for registration):

This paper presents new water challenges experienced by rural societies in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta (VMD) under the compounding effects of climate change, hydropower development and local water-engineering infrastructures.

Drawing on interviews and discussions with key stakeholders in the VMD and the study of public and policy documents, the paper argues that, while climate change comparatively receives dominant attention, transboundary implications (upstream hydropower developments) are not fully acknowledged in water governance and adaptation policies at the central and delta levels.



Dr. Thong Anh Tran