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International Workshop on Membrane in Kobe (iWMK), 16 – 17 Nov 2023

Event date & time
16 Nov 2023
0900- 1800
Kobe University

About the Event

The International Workshop on Membrane in Kobe (iWMK) is an annual event hosted by the Research Center for Membrane and Film Technology, Kobe University (MaFTech center), with the aim at academic exchanges and discussions on today’s advanced membrane research and technology.

MaFTech center, as the integrated membrane research unit established in 2007, endeavors to achieve world-leading research and education on membrane technology. In order to accomplish the goals, the center is building up an international hub which links a number of representative membrane research institutes around the world. Up to date, MaFTech center has made official partnerships with 16 globally renowned membrane research centers in Asia and Oceania area. Together with MaFTech center, leading researchers from these centers are invited to iWMK to share their latest research achievements as well as the insights on recent trends of membrane research in their countries.

Below are the main programs of iWMK:
  • Presentations from MaFTech center and its overseas partners (Taiwan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, France)
  • Student’s poster presentation
  • Q&A and discussion session
  • Networking reception
  • Tour around the laboratory including a brief introduction of facilities and equipment

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Event Agenda
16 November 2023
  Day One
17 November 2023
  Day Two