Amazon Filters to showcase new filter housings

The housings will support critical liquid and gas applications involved in the complex, multi-step chemistry of making drugs and medications. Amazon Filters’ new single stack 72C and 76C series housings which aid critical filtration processes in biopharmaceuticals production, will be on display at the Making Pharmaceuticals 2021 Expo, taking place in Coventry, UK on 5-6 […]

Aqua Membranes appoints chief technology officer

CJ Kurth has joined Aqua Membranes as the company’s chief technology officer. A 25-year veteran of the membrane separation industry, Kurth will oversee Aqua Membranes’ technology development, intellectual property (IP) creation and defence, production and quality control. Kurth has previously held leadership roles at a number of water sector companies including Osmonics, GE Water, NanoH2O, […]

Hydro International supplies stormwater treatment

The Up-Flo filters in twin wall chambers, verified to remove 80% suspended solids but with demonstrated removal rates of up to 98%. Specialists in stormwater treatment, Hydro International and Bell Munro Consulting have collaborated to develop an effective and advanced stormwater treatment solution for the Eastways project in Witham, Essex which included the construction of […]

Aquammodate’s single-pass water filtration

Aquammodate membrane prototype undergoing testing in the lab. (Image: Aquammodate) The technology emulates the way in which diatoms stablise their cell membranes mechanically by forming a cell wall made from silica. (Image: Wikipedia/Wipeter) Diatoms build their cell walls from silica for mechanical protection. (Image: Flickr/ @spacenoob) Coloured electron microscopy of a diatom. (Image: Flickr/@zeissmicro) A […]

Granular bed filtration of a liquid aerosol

Powder Technology. The research article ‘Granular bed filtration of a liquid aerosol’ has been published in the journal Powder Technology. Abstract Liquid aerosols are found in many industrial sectors, particularly in the mechanical industry (oil mists). Granular bed (GB) filtration could be an interesting means for the removal of these liquid aerosols, due to their high […]

Lanxess upgrades ion exchange resin

Ion analysis in an analytical laboratory at Lanxess in Leverkusen. (Image: Lanxess AG) Specialty chemicals company Lanxess has upgraded its Lewatit K 7333 ion exchange resin so that it can be used for oxygen removal in the electronics industry. The improved polymer matrix in conjunction with a modified formula now enables production of the palladium-doped, strongly alkaline […]

Submit your abstracts to Water Convention 2022

    Having trouble reading this email? View in browser here. September 2021 [GOOD NEWS!] FINAL EXTENSION FOR SIWW2022 WATER CONVENTION CALL FOR PAPERS! NEW DEADLINE: FRIDAY, 8 OCTOBER 2021. A big thank you to authors who have submitted your abstracts ???? For those who haven’t, take advantage of the extended deadline to submit your […]

Saltworks produces battery-grade lithium from waste

Saltworks Technologies has successfully produced battery-grade lithium hydroxide from industrial wastewater. Economically extracting battery-grade lithium has previously been challenging but Saltworks’ process harvests lithium hydroxide solids that reach or exceed battery-grade specifications, confirmed by the chemical analysis of a third-party accredited laboratory. Concentrations of impurities and contaminants were all below industry standard levels. Harvesting lithium from […]

Grundfos to acquire US water technology company MECO

Grundfos is acquiring MECO. Grundfos has entered into an agreement to acquire Mechanical Equipment Company Inc (MECO), a US group that engineers and manufactures water purification solutions for a range of industries. MECO operates in the industrial water treatment market with manufacturing and sales offices in the US and international offices in Singapore and Ireland. […]

Alfa Laval decanters help recycle San Diego’s water

Alfa Laval is supplying decanters to a wastewater treatment plant in San Diego, California, USA. The decanters, which will be used for thickening and dewatering of sludge, will ensure that the treated municipal wastewater is suitable for irrigation and other non-potable uses. The project is part of San Diego’s recycled water program which will provide […]

G2O Water Technologies appoints chief marketing officer

The UK’s G2O Water Technologies has expanded its executive management team with the appointment of Andrew Walker as chief marketing officer. Walker, who founded the Blue Gold Marketing consultancy in 2007, will drive G2O Water Technologies’ marketing and business development. “As we shift gear, launching an exciting range of industrially proven products, Andrew will help […]

  • 23 Sep 2021
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GEA to supply membrane filters for new alternative protein plant

Novozymes has selected GEA technology to produce plant-based proteins at a new facility in Nebraska, USA. GEA will construct the process systems, which include membrane filters, mixers, homogenizers, heat exchangers, pasteurizers and UHT units, cleaning and filling systems as well as the pump and valve technology. Installation will start mid-2022, with the new factory expected […]

  • 23 Sep 2021
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Hydroxsys’ technology brings clean water to dairy processing

Chris Macbeth of NIG Nutritionals (right) checks the latest Hydroxsys readings. New Zealand based clean technology company Hydroxsys has partnered with an Auckland dairy processor to offer a new wastewater treatment that delivers clean water from the processing of milk and milk products. Dairy processor NIG Nutritionals has been trialling Hydroxsys’ equipment at its facility […]

Recycled reverse osmosis membranes for forward osmosis technology

Desalination. The research article ‘Recycled reverse osmosis membranes for forward osmosis technology’ has been published in the journal Desalination (Volume 519, 1 December 2021, 115312). Abstract An alternative use of end-of-life reverse osmosis (RO) membranes is proposed for forward osmosis (FO) application as recycled FO (RFO) membranes and transformed recycled FO (TRFO) membranes. Different passive cleaning protocols in pilot plant […]

Applications for the Crowdsourcing @ TechInnovation 2021

  View this email in your browser Looking to make an impact on the environment through innovation? Here’s your chance to drive development for a green and sustainable future. Crowdsourcing @ TechInnovation 2021  brings together global corporates, innovative start-ups and SMEs to solve various business challenges from sustainable packaging to decarbonisation. Selected companies will have the opportunity to partner […]

NX Filtration begins pilot for water reuse from paper mills

NX Filtrations Mexpert pilot system at Industriewater Eerbeek. NX Filtration has begun a pilot project with Industriewater Eerbeek (IWE), a subsidiary of three Dutch paper mills focusing on wastewater treatment, which aims to reuse wastewater and so reduce the extraction of groundwater and the overall water footprint of the paper mills. IWE has been purifying […]

PUB’s Competitive Funding for Water Research (CWR) programme: RFP 2101 & 2102

PUB has launched a grant call on 13 Sep 2021 under the Research Innovation and Enterprise 2025 Competitive Funding for Water Research (CWR) programme to invite Institutes of Higher Learning, research institutions and industries to submit proposals. There are two Request-For-Proposals (RFPs): 1.   RFP 2101: Recovery Chemicals & Minerals from the Water Loop ​​2. ​  RFP […]

Nanofiber composite membrane mimicks ‘reinforced-concrete’

Journal of Membrane Science. The research article ‘Nanofibers interpenetrating network mimicking “reinforced-concrete” to construct mechanically robust composite membrane for enhanced CO2 separation’ has been published in the Journal of Membrane Science (Volume 639, 1 December 2021, 119749). Abstract The electrospun nanofiber mat (NFM) with 3D networks has advantages of high porosity and large specific surface area, but its porous […]

Pall’s contamination control

Examples of fluid contaminants. The relationship between Beta, efficiency, and downstream fluid quality. Simplified schematic illustrates how a multi-pass test system is constructed. Hydraulic filter locations. Contamination in hydraulic and lube system fluids is generally recognized as the single most important factor in reducing the reliability and longevity of the equipment. This article examines how […]

  • 15 Sep 2021
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Alfa Laval partnership to produce sustainable water and beverages

Alfa Laval has entered into a partner agreement with Wayout International, a Swedish innovation company, to develop micro-factories for the local and sustainable production of water and other beverages. Wayout’s micro-factories can treat all types of water and remineralise it to produce high quality drinking water. The fully automated plug-and-play system is powered by solar […]

  • 9 Sep 2021
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First service initiative from Filtermist

A Filtermist engineer working on a Filtermist oil mist filter. UK-based Filtermist Systems Limited will now include the first service visit with every installed oil mist filter purchased by domestic clients. This initiative is designed to provide companies working across automotive, aerospace, food & drink and high value manufacturing with peace of mind that their […]

Grundfos delivers its strongest-ever half-year results

Poul Due Jensen. Grundfos has reported the highest half-year earnings in the company’s history and the strongest sales growth rate for more than a decade. For the first six months of 2021, earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of DKK2017 million were up 89% on 2020, while profit after tax doubled to DKK1542 million. Half-year […]

Amazon Filters gets ready for green hydrogen

Housings at Amazon Filters production centre in Camberley, Surrey, UK. The UK’s Amazon Filters is set to manufacture critical components for the large-scale production of green hydrogen. The industrial filter maker is preparing new production capacity at its facility in Camberley, Surrey, to build bespoke filters and housings for use in water electrolysis powered from renewable […]

Pollutec as hybrid physical-virtual event

Pollutec is a showcase for environmental solutions for industry, cities and regions, Running from 12-15 October in Lyon, France, Pollutec is the benchmark event for environmental professionals. It is also a showcase for environmental solutions for industry, cities and regions, and a springboard for market innovations and international development. In consideration of Covid restrictions, this year […]

GKD’s pollen filter for high performance

GKD developed a filter insert made of die-cut rounds of four layers of Volumetric Mesh and one layer of square mesh for the Phantom Athletics training mask. With the additional module developed by GKD, the Phantom Athletics training masks offer an effective pollen filter. For sportspeople, the filter module from GKD provides long-awaited, reliable protection […]

New dates for IDA World Congress

IDA helps ensure clean water sources for future generations. In consideration of the Australian Government’s vaccination and border reopening plan, the International Desalination Association (IDA) has decided to postpone the 2022 IDA World Congress and Exhibition, previously scheduled for May 29-June 2, 2022. The new date is 9-13 October, 2022, which will ensure an in-person […]

Hengst’s filtration solutions for fuel cells

Filtration solutions for the fuel cell. From left: water separator, ion exchanger and cathode filter. The fuel cell is a key technology for sustainable energy production, and three filtration solutions developed by Hengst provide the perfect support: a cathode filter, an ion exchanger and a water separator. The cathode filter ensures safe and optimally efficient […]

PVDF filters show promise for medical use

Journal of Membrane Science. The research article ‘Ultra-thin and highly porous PVDF-filters prepared via phase inversion for potential medical (COVID-19) and industrial use’ has been published in the Journal of Membrane Science (Volume 639, 1 December 2021, 119710). Abstract The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increased demand for air-filtration based personal protective equipment. Existing filter masks are […]

Industrie De Nora buys ISIA SpA from Grundfos

Publication date: August 2021 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2021, Issue 8 Author(s):

NX Filtration appoints chief commercial officer

Alejandro Roman Fernandez, the new chief commercial officer of NX Filtration. NX Filtration has hired Alejandro Roman Fernandez as chief commercial officer (CCO). In this newly created role, Fernandez will be responsible for managing and expanding NX Filtration’s global sales force and network of distributors and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners. He will be based […]

HEPA filters in indoor air purification

David Moulton, UK managing director of Camfil. Considering correct filter installation in buildings and how to ensure supplementary HEPA air purification systems are fit for purpose. If we go back 30 years the role of air filters was to initially protect HVAC systems. The air filter was designed to protect the heating and cooling coils […]

Eclipse filters boost Indian automotive market

The filtered fluid flows through the return slots located in the upper section of the magnetic core, down through the centre and exits through the outlet port. Kleenoil installed an Eclipse Magnetics Micromag high-performance filtration system inline before the machines pump to minimise the number of ferrous particles contacting the grinding wheel. The Micromag filter […]

Membrane design and synthesis for membrane distillation

Desalination. The research article ‘Comprehensive review of membrane design and synthesis for membrane distillation’ has been published in Elsevier’s Desalination (Volume 518, 15 December 2021, 115168). Abstract Water scarcity is a grand challenge that requires continuous exploration of new desalination technologies in order to augment the global supply of fresh water. In this context, membrane distillation (MD) is […]

GEA’s homogenisers for demanding applications

The GEA Ariete Homogenizer 3160 can be customized with more than 300 options for high performance and reliability in continuous industrial production. (Image: GEA) Two homogenisers have recently been added to the range offered by Düsseldorf-based GEA – both intended for the dairy, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries. The Ariete Homogenizer 3160 completes […]

Filtration+Separation’s top news stories in August

The filtration and separation industry’s response to Covid-19, Watergen technology in a Navajo Nation water project and GEA’s new marine separator prime were the most-read stories on the Filtration+Separation website during August 2021.   1. Covid-19: How the filtration and separation industry is responding Our coronavirus coverage shows how filtration and separation companies around the […]

Review of membrane design and synthesis for membrane distillation

Desalination. The research article ‘Comprehensive review of membrane design and synthesis for membrane distillation’ has been published in Elsevier’s Desalination (Volume 518, 15 December 2021, 115168). Abstract Water scarcity is a grand challenge that requires continuous exploration of new desalination technologies in order to augment the global supply of fresh water. In this context, membrane distillation (MD) is […]