Porvair increases production capacity for porous plastics

Precision cut Vyon porous plastic components. Porvair Sciences has installed new automated precision die-cutting equipment at its facility in Wrexham, Wales that has enabled a five-fold increase in its manufacturing capacity for porous plastic components. Installed in Porvair’s cGMP compliant cleanroom production facility, the new equipment is able to produce porous plastic components that are […]

Seeking Nominations for Imagine H2O Asia Cohort 3

Water Startups Invited to Register Today for Imagine H2O Asia Cohort 3  A short program launch teaser video can be viewed here. Imagine H2O Asia invites startups to apply today for Cohort 3. Led by Imagine H2O, the accelerator program will feature new partnerships and an expanded advisory and customer network to equip water tech […]

PUB Global Innovation Challenge 2021 [Deadline extended till 31st Aug 2021]

Evoqua to set up sustainability and innovation hub in Pittsburgh

Evoqua Water Technologies is to open a new Sustainability and Innovation Hub in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, to advance the development of cutting-edge and sustainable water treatment technologies. The 18 000 sq ft facility will be Evoqua’s centre of excellence for research and innovation, addressing emerging water trends including climate change, connectivity and health and safety. […]

AO Smith acquires Master Water Conditioning Corp

Water technology company AO Smith Corp has acquired Master Water Conditioning Corp, a Pennsylvania-based water treatment company in an all-cash transaction. “The acquisition of Master Water further demonstrates our commitment to the North American water treatment market, a key element of our strategy to deliver innovative, differentiated solutions that heat and treat water,” said Kevin […]

Biwater to build wastewater treatment facility in Morocco

Biwater has secured a turnkey contract from Regie Autonome of Kenitra (RAK) to design and construct a new wastewater treatment facility for Moulay Bousselham, a fishing village and tourist destination on Morocco’s north coast. The new facility will provide pre-treatment, biological treatment and advanced tertiary treatment, including closed low pressure ultraviolet disinfection. The contract is […]

MAAG Group to exhibit at Fakuma 2021

Among the products being exhibited is the new generation of ECO high performance melt filters for use in PET recycling. The MAAG Group will be showcasing its product portfolio for the polymer industry at Fakuma, the international trade fair for plastics processing in Friedrichshafen, Germany from 12–16 October. The company specialises in pump and filtration systems, […]

Evonik’s green membranes transform biogas

Evoniks production site in Schoerfling, Austria. (Image: Evonik) The highly selective SEPURAN Green hollow-fibre membranes from Evonik efficiently remove the carbon dioxide from the raw biogas. (Image: Evonik) The membranes are made of specially developed Evonik high-performance polymers that are highly resistant to pressure and temperature. (Image: Evonik) At Germany’s largest biogas plant, biogas will […]

Aquaporin launches podcast series

The first two podcasts cover the clean water crisis and possible new solutions and the link between bottled water consumption and plastic pollution. Aquaporin has recently released its podcast series called WATER x FUTURE, about water and all the opportunities and dilemmas it contains, the technologies rooted in nature, the purpose of innovation, and the […]

Virus filter scalability

Biologicals. The research article ‘Virus filter scalability: Demonstration of consistent viral clearance across laboratory and manufacturing scales’ has been published in the journal Biologicals. Abstract Virus removal filtration processes in biopharmaceutical manufacturing are developed, optimized and validated for viral clearance using laboratory scale filters. Thus, the scalability of these filters is critical for accurately extrapolating filtration […]

NX Filtration plans new factory in Hengelo

An artist’s impression of NX Filtration’s new factory in Hengelo, the Netherlands. NX Filtration has signed a purchase option for a 24 000 sq m plot of land at the High Tech Systems Park in Hengelo, the Netherlands for a new nanofiltration membrane production facility. The company is planning to build a new plant for […]

Osmotic dilution/concentration using FO membranes

Desalination. The research article ‘Comprehensive review of osmotic dilution/concentration using FO membranes for practical applications’ has been published in Elsevier journal Desalination (Volume 515, 1 November 2021, 115190). Abstract Forward osmosis (FO) has attracted growing attention in the field of membrane-based separation technology over the last two decades. Despite recent advancements in various osmosis-assisted processes, few studies have succeeded in commercialization. […]

Lakeside’s Closed Loop Reactor at Bentonville.

Lakesides Closed Loop Reactor at Bentonville. At Bentonville, Lakesides rotors were still working after 35 years of operation. Operations supervisor Chris Earl with manager, Nancy Busen at Bentonville Water Resource Recovery Facility. A fast-growing US city meant that the city’s water resource recovery facility, which mainly receives domestic wastewater, saw its 2019 average daily flow […]

BakerCorp to rebrand as United Rentals

Fluid solution provider BakerCorp is to be rebranded under the United Rentals name starting 1 September 2021. BakerCorp was acquired by United Rentals in 2018. The rebrand will align all European branch operations with the United Rentals business, which also operates in the United States and Canada. As United Rentals, the company is also expanding […]

Sulzer Chemtech extends partnership with Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Sulzer Chemtech has renewed and extended its licencing agreement with Shell Catalysts & Technologies for the development and distribution of high-capacity tray and phase separation technology. The two companies signed their first strategic agreement in 2000 and renewed it in 2011. Under this new agreement, Sulzer Chemtech will continue to be the worldwide licencee for […]

Xylem releases lamella clarifier

The lamella sheets are installed at an inclined 55° angle to expand the clarification surface area. Global water technology company, Xylem has unveiled its Leopold Texler lamella clarifier for the efficient removal of solids in water treatment applications. Current lamella plate clarifiers are made from stainless-steel plates which require extensive support structures. When exposed to sun, […]

  • 20 Jul 2021
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Eclipse Magnetics’ separator used by confectionery giant

The Pneumag unit removes ferrous and paramagnetic contamination effectively from pneumatic process lines. Steve Musk Engineering, a provider of process systems to the confectionery industry, has installed Eclipse Magnetics’ Pneumag separator technology into the systems of one of the UK’s leading confectionery companies to bolster its safety processes and enhance foreign body removal. Foreign body prevention […]

  • 20 Jul 2021
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Freudenberg offers tank pressure unit to prevent contamination

The TPU 500 system creates a germ-free air blanket above the liquid raw, intermediate and end products. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has introduced its TPU 500 tank pressure unit prevents contamination from liquid foodstuffs during storage and filling, protecting products from spoiling. The TPU 500 system creates a germ-free air blanket above the liquid raw, intermediate […]

Henkel & Aqua Membranes offer printed spacer technology

The automated system prints the feed spacer directly on to the flat sheet web. The Henkel Corporation and Aqua Membranes have introduced a printed spacer technology for spiral-wound element design and manufacturing, eliminating the need for conventional plastic mesh feed spacers by printing spacer patterns directly onto flat sheet membrane materials. The spacer patterns have […]

Suez to provide membranes for 15 Petrobras FPSOs

Suez Water Technologies & Solutions has signed a multi-million dollar contract with Brazilian oil and gas company Petrobras to supply membranes for 15 floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) platforms. Under the renewal contract, Suez Water Technologies & Solutions will be the exclusive provider of membranes used in seawater sulfate removal (SWSR) systems on the […]

Grant enables DuPont to advance and expand applications of CCRO technology

Publication date: June 2021 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2021, Issue 6 Author(s):

Microplastic removal in drinking water treatment processes

Water Research. The research article ‘Microplastic removal in conventional drinking water treatment processes: Performance, mechanism, and potential risk’ has been published in the journal Water Research (Volume 202, 1 September 2021, 117417). Abstract The effectiveness of traditional drinking water treatment plants for the removal of Microplastics (MPs) in the size range of tens of micrometers is currently uncertain. […]

Eaton helps preserve the purity of olive oil

The quality of high-class extra virgin olive oils comes from an early harvest, when the olive fruit is at its ideal ripeness to provide the best attributes in an olive oil. BECOPAD depth filter sheets are made of high-purity cellulose fibres and do not rely on mineral components such as diatomaceous earth. Extra virgin olive […]

  • 13 Jul 2021
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GEA develops serum separator for Indian dairy producer

GEA developed its serum separator with a capacity of 3,000 litres per hour based on Amul Dairys requirement for the local market. (Image: GEA) GEA has developed a ghee processing separator for Amul Dairy, a major Indian dairy producer, which has reduced fat losses by 85% and increased ghee production by 30%, without additional investment […]

Eaton introduces new range of pipeline basket strainers

The Simplex 72X strainers provide full bypass-free filtration which protects process equipment in applications including chemical, petrochemical and water pipelines. Eaton’s Filtration Division has developed a new range of cast pipeline basket strainers, the Simplex 72X range, which conforms to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and is designed for equipment protection in industrial processes. The Simplex 72X […]

Evonik supplies green membranes to biogas plant

The highly selective SEPURAN Green hollow-fibre membranes from Evonik remove the carbon dioxide from the raw biogas. Germany’s largest biogas plant for bio-LNG production, operated by EnviTec Biogas, is using Evonik’s SEPURAN Green membrane technology for its biogas upgrading. Biogas can be upgraded to biomethane and used locally in liquid (bio-LNG) form as a climate-friendly […]

Saltworks’ membrane pilot achieves 98% recovery

The Saltworks team operated the plant both on-site and remotely despite the ongoing international challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Saltworks Technologies’ ultra-high recovery membrane pilot plant has successfully completed its latest commission in Southeast Asia, operating around-the-clock for 90 days and achieving 98% water recovery from a complex, mixed industrial wastewater with high organics and […]

Retention characteristics of sterile filters

The research article ‘Retention characteristics of sterile filters – Effect of pore size and structure’ has been published in the Journal of Membrane Science (Volume 635, 1 October 2021, 119436). Abstract Sterile filtration is used to remove microorganisms in the processing of most recombinant proteins, but there are significant challenges in applying this technology to large biotherapeutics like Live-Attenuated […]

Repligen to acquire Polymem

US life sciences company Repligen Corp has entered into an agreement to acquire Polymem SA, the French hollow fiber membranes and modules manufacturer. Toulouse-based Polymem, which was set up in 1997, has a team of 60 people focused on the development and manufacture of hollow fiber membranes, membrane modules and systems for water treatment, solid/liquid […]

NX Filtration membranes bring potable water to Indonesian hospital

NX Filtrations membrane modules at a previous project for PT. Bayu for the production of drinking water for the city of Dumai in Indonesia. NX Filtration has been chosen by PT. Bayu, an Indonesian specialist in the construction of water and wastewater treatment plants, to supply its hollow fibre nanofiltration membranes for potable water production […]

Aquaporin helps recycle Turkey’s industrial wastewater

Aquaporins forward osmosis membranes and solutions for industrial wastewater treatment reject all unwanted compounds such as chemicals and colours. Danish water technology company Aquaporin has established a partnership with local distributor ÖKOTEK to enable Turkey’s industries to reuse up to 95% of their wastewater. Turkey has a diverse industrial landscape including automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical […]

IDA announces new dates for desalination conference

The 3-day Specialty Conference on Innovation in Desalination has been moved from September 2021 to February 2022. The International Desalination Association (IDA), Desalination Technology Research Institute (DTRI) and the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) have announced that the 3-day Specialty Conference on Innovation in Desalination will be held on 7–9 February 2022, at the Ritz […]

Eaton introduces optimised mobile fluid purifier system

The IFPM 33 mobile, off-line fluid purifier system removes water, gases and particulate contaminants from oils. The Filtration Division of energy management company Eaton recently launched an optimised version of its IFPM 33 mobile, off-line fluid purifier system, which removes water, gases and particulate contaminants from oils. The fully automated, PLC-controlled purifiers effectively remove free, […]

Microplastic removal at WWTPs by tertiary sand filtration

Chemical Engineering Journal. The research article ‘Release of microplastic particles to the aquatic environment via wastewater treatment plants: The impact of sand filters as tertiary treatment’ has been published in Chemical Engineering Journal. Abstract Monitoring of microplastics (MP) release into the aquatic environment is an important topic and proposed point sources for microplastics are wastewater […]

HRS believes Covid-19 needs a flexible approach

Covid-19 means that a more flexible approach needs to be taken towards investment projects during AMP7. Efficient equipment solutions, such as the use of corrugated tube heat exchangers, are important where CapEx projects are going ahead. Environmental measures, such as sludge and effluent management, are a key priority under AMP7. The water industry in England […]