Silent & sustainable air purification from Dexwet

Dexwet Wet Air Filters patented staggered rod system captures particles and allows clean air to flow through. A study has confirmed the effectiveness of air filtration technology with a wet filter design. It removed 99.9% of airborne dust, pollen, and nano-fine particles such as bacteria and viruses in a classroom in under 2.5 hours. An […]

NX Filtration supplies membranes to Indian textile company

Aquarius H2O Dynamics will develop a water recycling plant at KKCL with a capacity of 700 m3 per day based on 32 dNF40 membrane modules from NX Filtration. NX Filtration will provide its hollow fibre direct nanofiltration (dNF) membranes to Aquarius H2O Dynamics, an Indian wastewater treatment OEM, for use in a water recycling application […]

Axium Process offers pick and mix liquid filtration

The three screen options include Axiums wedge-wire filter screen, a sintered mesh screen, and a basic perforated filter screen. Axium Process has developed a universal stainless steel filter housing which can be used with three distinct filter screens, each of which has specialist capabilities designed for applications across the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, dairy, confectionery and […]

Porosity heterogeneity and transport properties of multibore membranes

The research article ‘How does porosity heterogeneity affect the transport properties of multibore filtration membranes?’ has been published in Elsevier’s Journal of Membrane Science. Abstract The prediction of pressure and flow distributions inside porous membranes is important if the geometry deviates from single-bore tubular geometries. This task remains challenging, especially when considering local porosity variations caused […]

Knowledge sharing & co-operation the GKD way

The Vacubelt 2015 filter belt from GKD has been the globally established standard in the field of FGDP gypsum dewatering for many years. (Image: ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik) Porometric mesh from GKD proves itself in drum filters for mechanical water cleaning. (Image: GKD) The GKD Group has always invested in global work distribution. Yet strong growth and […]

Aquaporin showcases FO technology at virtual SIWW

Aquaporin will be at SIWW with a virtual booth. exhibiting its latest products and solutions and connecting with visitors through the virtual Meeting Hub. The all-virtual Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) starts today, and Danish water treatment specialists Aquaporin will be there with a virtual booth to exhibit its latest products and solutions and connect […]

Xebec Adsorption acquires UK’s Tiger Filtration

Canadian clean energy solutions provider Xebec Adsorption Inc has bought Tiger Filtration (TFL), a UK-based manufacturer of alternative filter elements, housings and bespoke filtration solutions for the compressed air and gas industry. The acquisition gives Xebec Adsorption a recurring element and filter aftermarket manufacturing business. With Tiger Filtration’s R&D capabilities, Xebec will also be able to […]

SDS’s flagship water recycling system

An example of how the SDS GWOD system works in a hotel setting. The GWOD is capable of significantly improved investment payback when compared to conventional MBR greywater systems, especially for larger-scale systems. In the GWOD system, greywater is collected and then pumped through a disk pre-filter system and dosed with a small amount of […]

Waterise & DuPont collaborate on sustainable subsea desalination

Waterise is currently performing tests using a demonstration rig which can be transported to customer sites. DuPont Water Solutions is working with Norwegian technology company Waterise to provide seawater reverse osmosis membranes for Waterise’s subsea desalination plants in a bid to offer a more sustainable desalination process. Waterise’s technology uses the natural hydrostatic pressure found […]

Sustainable brine management: water, energy and mineral recovery

The research article ‘Sustainable brine management from the perspectives of water, energy and mineral recovery: A comprehensive review’ has been published in Elsevier journal Desalination (Volume 513, 1 October 2021, 115055). Abstract Desalination activities around the world are increasing as a result of water scarcity. The discharge of brine from desalination processes poses a significant threat to the environment. Large […]

Amazon Filters offers mobile filtration units on stand-by

Each mobile unit is installed with Amazon Filters SupaSpun II absolute-rated depth filters which are on the approved list for use in the public water supply. UK filtration specialist, Amazon Filters, has put a fleet of mobile units on stand-by to help municipal water companies cope with the impact of any extreme weather this summer. […]

Saltworks garners support to develop technology

AirBreather units turn saline produced water into clean water for reuse, or water vapour for safe release into the atmosphere. Canadian industrial water treatment specialist, Saltworks Technologies, has secured the support of Geoscience BC and the Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF) for a project to develop its AirBreather technology for water treatment at natural gas sites. […]

GEA develops separator for blood plasma fractionation

With the separator hycon and the three-room concept, GEA has created fully automated production in clean room applications. (Image: GEA) GEA has introduced its fully automatic separator, the hycon, which enables one-touch production for separation of blood plasma and plasma proteins in clean room applications. The centrifuge is self-cleaning and has a customer-specific solids’ tank. […]

NX Filtration pilot recycles municipal wastewater

The pilot project will demonstrate the benefits of NX Filtrations hollow fibre direct nanofiltration (dNF) technology. Filtration specialists NX Filtration, along with Water Board Aa & Maas, NX Filtration, Van Remmen UV Technology and Jotem Water Treatment have begun a pilot project to demonstrate the viability of clean water production from municipal effluent from Aa […]

Energy consumer to net producer with Sulzer

The E_OS project has made the wastewater treatment plant a net producer of energy. (Image: CreativStudio Bogataj) Sulzers HST turbocompressors reduced total power consumption by 400 kW. The HST turbocompressors offered quieter ­operation, high availability and very low ­maintenance costs. The Energy Optimization through Sludge Treatment (E_OS) project in Vienna is a pioneering facility designed […]

Treatment of table olive processing wastewater

The research article ‘Membrane filtration, activated sludge and solar photocatalytic technologies for the effective treatment of table olive processing wastewater’ has been published in the Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering (Volume 9, Issue 4, August 2021, 105743). Abstract The table olive industry produces a high quantity of wastewater (TOPW) whose management represents a challenge due to its environmental […]

Mitsubishi increases the operational efficiency of its membrane business

Publication date: May 2021 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2021, Issue 5 Author(s):

Porvair expands microfiltration product line

Typical applications for the Tekfil SW range food and beverage, fine chemicals and solvents and water treatment prior to reverse osmosis. Porvair Filtration has extended its microfiltration line with the Tekfil SW string wound cartridge filters and the Tekfil CR Absolute Rated Depth Filter Cartridge Cryptosporidium Grade. The Tekfil SW range of precision wound filter […]

Direct air capture from Climeworks

Climeworks direct air capture technology can reach a net carbon dioxide removal efficiency of more than 90%. (Image: Climeworks/Julia Dunlop) Climeworks new large-scale direct air capture and storage plant, Orca, under construction. (Image: Climeworks) When completed, Orca will be able to capture 4,000 tonnes of CO per year. (Image: Climeworks) Climeworks, a Swiss company specialising […]

Camfil & Sinopharm co-operate to improve biopharma filtration

From left: Bridge Xu, senior sales director, Filter Business of Camfil Group China, Michel Moulin, managing director of Camfil Group China, Wang Yunbao, general manager of Sinopharm GEPTECK, Wu Xuehong, chief technologist of Sinopharm GEPTECK. Camfil and the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, Sinopharm, have announced the joint release of digital high-efficiency air supply units […]

The effects of ventilation and filtration on PM2.5 in offices

The research article ‘The effects of ventilation and filtration on indoor PM2.5 in office buildings in four countries’ has been published in the journal Building and Environment (Volume 200, August 2021, 107975). Abstract Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is an airborne pollutant associated with negative acute and chronic human health outcomes. Although the majority of PM2.5 research has focused on outdoor […]