Partnership aims to improve access to clean, safe and sustainable water in India

Publication date: December 2020 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2020, Issue 12 Author(s):

DuPont MABR modules are used to upgrade Severn Trent wastewater treatment facility

Publication date: November 2020 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2020, Issue 11 Author(s):

[Call for Proposals] Funding for Joint R&D Projects between Singapore and Israel Companies

Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (SIIRD) has opened the call for proposals for Joint R&D Projects between Singapore and Israeli companies. SIIRD provides up to US$1M in funding for joint R&D projects and is open to all technological sectors. We would like to invite your company to apply for this joint innovation call, which closes on […]

Severn Trent Water selects Suez’s ZeeLung to meet ammonia targets

Severn Trent Water has installed Suez’s ZeeLung Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) technology at its Spernal sewage treatment works (STW) in Redditch, Worcestershire, UK. The ZeeLung installation, at Severn Trent Water’s Resource Recovery and Innovation Centre at the Spernal STW, will treat a hydraulic capacity of approximately 5800 m3/d. It was designed to upgrade one lane […]

Suez unveils digital advanced analytic

SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions has introduced Empower, the first of several new analytics that will launch over the next year which uses real-time data from customer assets to help operators identify fouling in steam surface condensers. Using raw data from SUEZ’s InSight platform, Empower analyses the efficiency of the surface condenser based on customer needs […]

  • 11 Dec 2020
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Goudsmit develops new series of separators

Goudsmit Magnetics’ latest magnetic drum separators are designed for the intake of foodstuffs and can remove ferrous particles and weakly magnetic particles as small as 0.03 mm from free-falling granular products. The demands on magnetic force and material certifications have led to this modified design. The drum magnet, which is made entirely of stainless steel, […]

Interaction of water droplets with soluble filter cakes

Separation and Purification Technology The research article ‘Interaction of water droplets with soluble filter cakes in gas cleaning applications’ has been published in the journal Separation and Purification Technology. Abstract In surface filtration processes, particles are collected on the upstream face side of the filter and form a filter cake. In commonly studied processes for the […]

Sartorius acquires filtration specialist WaterSepBioSeparations

Sartorius has bought US purification expert WaterSep BioSeparations LLC through Sartorius Stedim Biotech. Marlborough, Massachusetts-based WaterSep BioSeparations manufactures hollow-fiber membrane devices and pre-sterilized assemblies for upstream and downstream biopharmaceutical applications. WaterSep BioSeparations’ technology is especially suited to gene and cell therapy applications, vaccine production and intensified bioprocessing. The privately-owned company employs around 15 people and is expected to […]

Suez secures SRU contract from Modec

Modec Offshore Production Systems has awarded a multi-million dollar contract to Suez Water Treatment & Technologies to supply a seawater injection system including sulphate removal technology (SRU). The equipment will be used onboard a converted floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel that Modec is constructing for Woodside Energy (as operator of the Rufisque Offshore, […]

AGC offers high strength ion exchange membranes

FORBLUE SELEMION cation and anion exchange membranes use less energy than traditional evaporation technology. The FORBLUE SELEMION cation and anion exchange membranes from AGC Chemicals Americas are specifically designed for groundwater desalination and treatment because they use less energy than traditional evaporation technology. A variety of Selemion membranes are available from AGC, depending on application […]

  • 10 Dec 2020
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LANXESS adds new ion exchange resins to portfolio

The new Lewatit PH 1074 HEP is for the decolorisation of fermentation broths and sugar and the purification and intermediate storage of heparin. Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is extending its portfolio to include the new Lewatit PH 1074 HEP, designed for the decolorisation of fermentation broths and sugar and the purification and intermediate storage of […]

Nitrate, arsenic and fluoride removal from brackish groundwater

Water Research The research article ‘Nitrate, arsenic and fluoride removal by electrodialysis from brackish groundwater’ has been published in the journal Water Research. Abstract Nitrate, arsenic and fluoride are some of the most hazardous elements contaminating groundwater resources. In this work, the impact of operative (flowrate, electric potential) and water quality (salinity, contaminant feed concentration, pH) […]

Great Barrier Reef gets data upgrade

CRC collaborated with James Cook University in Queensland and other partners to commission a ­network of environmental sensors in Saltwater Creek to obtain real-time water quality and flow data. The world’s largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, supports many species but is at risk from pollution and climate change. Coastal communities are exploring […]

Harnessing the power of nature

A top view of one of the BiomPod aerobic tanks showing the aquatic plants used including papyrus. (Image: Mrüna) One of the sites where Mrünas technology is used, in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, where UNICEF run an informal settlement for forcibly displaced people. (Image: Mrüna) Mrünas IoT enabled app-based secure asset management system. (Image: […]

Rensa acquires US air filtration company

Rensa Filtration has acquired Air Filters Inc (AFI), a Texas, USA-based full-line filtration manufacturer. AFI specialises in custom and high-volume manufacturing to meet any air filtration need, from filters to custom parts. Products include pleated air filters and HEPA filters as well as a complete line of Aire-Loc fore-market metal HVAC and HEPA housings. AFI’s […]

NX Filtration to provide membranes for Indonesian drinking water plant

The local Masjid river that will be turned into a valuable source for the supply of drinking water for the city of Dumai. NX Filtration is supplying its hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes for the Dumai City Water Treatment Plant in Indonesia. The nanofiltration system for the city of Dumai on the island of Sumatra will […]

  • 3 Dec 2020
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LiqTech launches UF membrane with ceramic material

The new hybrid technology membrane is made of silicon carbide and zirconium dioxide and has a pore size of 60 nm. After several years of development and testing, Danish company LiqTech has released a filter membrane based on a new hybrid technology where multiple ceramic materials are combined in one membrane for water and liquid […]

ISO updates standards for irrigation wastewater

Treating wastewater to make it available for other uses such as irrigation is an important solution for water scarcity, but can pose risks to health and the environment if water quality and methods of treatment are not appropriate. (Image: Shutterstock) ISO has a series of standards to facilitate the safe and effective treatment of wastewater […]

Submerged nanofiltration for direct drinking water treatment

Chemosphere The research article ‘Submerged nanofiltration without pre-treatment for direct advanced drinking water treatment’ has been published in the journal Chemosphere. Abstract Membrane fouling is a major challenge toward achieving direct nanofiltration (NF) treatment of surface water. This study aimed to evaluate the potential of the novel submerged flat-sheet NF membrane module to achieve low fouling […]