Amazon Filters reveals manganese removal success

David Ridealgh, marketing manager, Amazon Filters, will discuss the benefits of substituting cartridge filtration for traditional sand beds to remove manganese. The use of cartridge filters to remove manganese from the municipal water supply is the focus of a presentation by David Ridealgh, marketing manager, Amazon Filters, at the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Innovation Event, […]

  • 22 Oct 2020
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Xylem helps produce beer from wastewater

By using new technologies to treat existing wastewater more thoroughly, it can be turned into a reliable and safe water supply for many uses. (Image: Shutterstock) Xylem has partnered with the University of Calgary’s Advancing Canadian Water Assets (ACWA) and the Village Brewery to produce Alberta’s first beer made with treated wastewater. Part of the […]

Stopping leaks with Xylem’s digital solutions

A modern city skyline and illustration of a smart network concept. A remote monitoring system. 29682Xylems Sensus 640 Smart Meters A 640C Sensus Smart Meter from Xylem. Under increasing pressure to conserve water reserves and cut leaks, many water companies are turning to digitisation to deliver a solution. Cloud-based technology will enable them to revolutionise […]

Nanocomposite pervaporation membranes for desalination

The research article ‘Nanocomposite pervaporation membrane for desalination’ has been published in Elsevier journal Chemical Engineering Research and Design (Volume 164, December 2020, Pages 147-161). Abstract Desalination via pervaporation has been considered as an attractive membrane process for obtaining clean water from non-potable saline sources, which has advantages, i.e., it is superior in salt rejection and has the […]

Sofi Filtration closes €3mn funding round

Finland’s Sofi Filtration Oy, a Loudspring Oyj portfolio company, has closed a €3 million funding round led by Emerald Technology Ventures and joined by Voima Ventures. A secondary transaction was also conducted with selected investors including Loudspring. Loudspring’s fully diluted ownership of Sofi Filtration is now 20.9% compared with 24.7% prior to the investment and […]

Mann+Hummel wins largest-ever Bio-Cel MBR order

The Bio-Cel L-2. Mann+Hummel’s Membrane Solutions business is to upgrade and expand capacity at a wastewater treatment plant in Fujian Province, China using 336 Bio-Cel L-2 MBR modules (160 000 m² membrane area). This is the company’s largest Bio-Cel MBR order to date. The project plans to double the treatment capacity of the wastewater plant […]

CETCO’s cleaner egg washing process

Adding RM-10 flocculants to untreated wastewater results in clean effluent. The chemistry feed system distributes the RM-10 flocculants into the untreated wastewater. Adding RM-10 flocculants to wastewater results in nearly immediate separation of the contaminants. Dry sludge is ready for disposal once liquid-solids separation occurs. When a major egg washing facility in Canada was faced […]

Koch Separation Solutions and ADM increase collaboration

Koch Separation Solutions (KSS) is growing its relationship with agricultural origination and processing company ADM promoting operational efficiency and sustainability in water and wastewater treatment. KSS is an ADM preferred vendor of water, wastewater and in-process separations applications. “In our long relationship with ADM, we have worked closely together to tackle important projects that are […]

  • 14 Oct 2020
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Camfil supplies filters for meat production areas

The aim was to set high hygiene standards for sensitive food areas and improve indoor air quality at the facility. Camfil has fitted its HEPA air cleaners, the CC 6000 and CC 2000 and its ProSafe HEPA H14 filter in a meat production facility in Germany, part of the Tönnies Group. The Tönnies Group wanted […]

SPS takes part in pilot to treat raw water supply

SPS installed one of its integrated iHB10 lamella clarifier units on site. Siltbuster Process Solutions (SPS) has provided equipment for a special trial project using its lamella clarifiers to treat a raw water supply. The client is trialling different chemical dosing set ups over several weeks to generate data for a thorough review. For the […]

Andritz introduces dilution system for thickeners

The EvoLute NT dilution system uses the overflow liquid from the thickener to dilute incoming slurries or suspensions to the optimum solid-liquid ratio. (Image: Andritz) Andritz has developed the EvoLute NT dilution system for diluting thickener feed which uses the overflow liquid from the thickener to dilute incoming slurries or suspensions to the optimum solid-liquid […]

Removal of arsenic and boron from spent geothermal water

Journal of Hazardous Materials The research article ‘Assessment of different nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes for simultaneous removal of arsenic and boron from spent geothermal water’ has been published in Elsevier’s Journal of Hazardous Materials. Abstract One of the factors that determine agricultural crops’ yield is the quality of water used during irrigation. In this study, […]

Ecolab precision dispensing system for membranes

The new membrane cleaning system is part of Ecolabs Ultrasil Membrane Program. Ecolab has introduced its new precision dispensing system for membranes, an accurate cleaning chemical dispenser that helps improve worker safety, drive productivity and extend asset life for whey processors.  The new membrane cleaning system is part of Ecolab’s Ultrasil Membrane Program, which provides […]

Weir to sell Oil & Gas division to Caterpillar

Weir is selling its Oil & Gas divison. The Weir Group plc has entered into an agreement to sell its Oil & Gas division to Caterpillar Inc for US$405 million. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, USA and led by Paul Coppinger, Weir Oil & Gas provides pressure pumping and pressure control solutions and associated aftermarket […]

  • 7 Oct 2020
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Veolia offers free webinars for food & beverage

Veolia Water Technologies will hold three different free webinar sessions covering the full water treatment cycle specific to the food and beverage industry which are aimed at all professionals involved in water treatment. Session content is tailored for site operators, EHS managers, sustainability managers and engineering directors. Veolia understands the specific needs of the food […]

Clean air from Camfil protects Russian treasures

The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia is the second-largest art museum in the world. (Image: State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia) Air Cleaners CC800 at the exhibit to improve the air quality and the CityCarb Triple Boxtype filter and miniClima machine in the showcase. (Image: Camfil) Camfils CityCarb Triple Boxtype filter and miniClima […]

PSP.US buys PolyCera’s assets

Publication date: September 2020 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2020, Issue 9 Author(s):

De Nora offers visual assistance platform

De Nora has launched DE NORA VIA, a visual assistance platform for remote customer support, offering customers live video support and inspections.  Municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities to industrial process water users will be supported remotely by expert engineers and product experts. Visual assistance optimises the communications process, enabling faster and more accurate resolutions. Through live communications […]

Bipolar membranes: Principles, developments and applications

Journal of Membrane Science The research article ‘Bipolar membranes: A review on principles, latest developments, and applications’ has been published in Elsevier’s Journal of Membrane Science (Volume 617, 1 January 2021, 118538). Abstract Bipolar membranes (BPMs) are a special class of ion-exchange membranes constituted by a cation- and an anion-exchange layer, allowing the generation of protons and hydroxide […]

Pipette tips show high bacterial filtration levels

The study showed that the pipette filter tips have greater than 99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) even at an increased challenge level. A new independent study has demonstrated that Porvair Sciences’ pipette filter tips have greater than 99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) even at an increased challenge level. The test procedure was modified from a standard […]

Saltworks ships chemical softening plant to US

The full-scale BrineRefine plant on the Saltworks’ factory floor. Saltworks Technologies has announced that it has shipped a full-scale BrineRefine treatment plant to a US mining client. The BrineRefine plant, part of Saltworks’ IonSelect solutions, is destined for a mining site with a specific ion-of-concern problem. The client originally contacted Saltworks because of its ultra-high recovery reverse […]

Lebanese wastewater solution wins award

A BiomPod aerobic tank which includes aquatic plants, including papyrus. (Image: Mruna) The Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) has named Lebanese tech start-up Mrüna the winner of its first global innovation competition, InfraChallenge, following a live pitch against nine other finalists from around the world.   Mrüna’s winning digital solution, Biomweb, uses a nature-based system […]

Smarter pulp & paper operation from Veolia

The emergence of new products and markets is driving a global renaissance of the pulp and paper industry. (Image: LI CHAOSHU/Shutterstock) Figure 1. Conventional CRP chloride removal process. Figure 2. Enhanced chloride removal process ECRP block diagram. Pulp & paper manufacturers are constantly looking to make their operations more efficient. This article looks at black […]