Temasek Foundation – 8th Ecosperity Innovations Call for Proposals

    Temasek Foundation champions sustainability and innovative solutions to improve liveability in an abc World of active and productive economies, beautiful and inclusive societies, and a clean and cool earth. Through the Ecosperity Innovations Call for Proposals, Temasek Foundation funds and supports ideas and innovations for actual application through commercialisation and enterprise, to bring […]

Chinese WWTF installs Toray’s HFUG membranes

Toray’s HFUG-2020AN installed at a water reuse facility. A large-scale wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) in Wuxi, China is using Toray Industries Inc’s HFUG ultrafiltration (UF) membrane technology to purify water. GreenTech Environmental Co Ltd, a provider of advanced membrane treatment solutions, selected Toray’s advanced high-surface-area HFUG-2020AN UF modules for the 34 000 metric ton facility. […]

Plastic-free filter media from GKD

GKD is a specialist in solutions for environmental technology. (Image: GKD) GKD has many stainless-steel mesh solutions. (Image: GKD) Plastic-free, stainless steel mesh designs are becoming more important in the treatment of wastewater. Ursula Herrling-Tusch, specialized journalist, gives a brief overview of the selection by GKD, a manufacturer of metal, synthetic and spiral mesh filters. […]

Ventilator sharing moves forward

The device makes it possible to split the airflow from one ventilator, allowing two patients to receive tailored respiratory support. (Image: Institute for Manufacturing/Royal Papworth Hospital) The IfM developed the solution in collaboration with Cambridge Design Partnership (CDP), Royal Papworth Hospital and support from respiratory equipment manufacturers. (Image: Institute for Manufacturing/Royal Papworth Hospital) The system […]

Suez to acquire Lanxess’s RO membrane portfolio

Suez has signed an agreement with German specialty chemicals company Lanxess to purchase its reverse osmosis (RO) membrane portfolio. The acquisition includes the membranes, raw materials and production facility in Bitterfeld, Germany, with all employees. The Lanxess membrane line will become part of Suez Water Technologies & Solutions. Suez says that the acquisition, which is […]

  • 29 Jul 2020
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Greasezilla provides FOG technology in New Orleans

The Greasezilla system will help the New Orleans company to dispose and recycle the vast amounts of grease trap waste they collect from food service businesses. The Downey Ridge Environmental Company, developer of the Greasezilla system, has been selected by Safeway Used Oil and Grease in New Orleans to provide its fats, oils and grease […]

Ameriwater introduces cooling tower water filter

The HEF CWFT isspecifically designed for a 33- tonne cooling tower or smaller and can be used in commercial, institutional, and light manufacturing applications. Water purification specialist, Ameriwater has created the HEF CWFT, specifically designed for a 33- tonne cooling tower for smaller commercial, institutional, and light manufacturing applications that want cleaner cooling tower water […]

May/June 2020 issue of Filtration+Separation

Take some time out to read the May/June 2020 issue of Filtration+Separation Magazine Sign up here to receive your FREE digital edition of Filtration+Separation magazine. In this issue: Water treatment gives back to grid A Scottish wastewater treatment works takes water from a local reservoir and generates more energy than it uses. Food plant sees […]

Membrane desalination and water re-use for agriculture

Desalination. The research article ‘Membrane desalination and water re-use for agriculture: State of the art and future outlook’ has been published in Elsevier journal Desalination (Volume 491, 1 October 2020, 114559). Abstract Membrane-based desalination technologies for agricultural applications are widely applied in many countries around the world. Sustainable and cost-effective desalination technologies, such as reverse osmosis (RO), membrane […]

IDA World Congress returns to Australia

The centrepiece of the Congress is its Technical Programme covering all aspects of desalination and water reuse. The International Desalination Association’s (IDA)World Congress 2021 will take place from 7–11 November 2021 in Sydney, Australia, a decade on from its 2011 World Congress in Perth. The 2021 IDA World Congress and exhibition will provide knowledge-sharing and […]

QED system aids low-flow groundwater sampling

The MicroPurge MP25 purge stabilisation flow cell system makes consistent low-flow groundwater sampling simpler and more accurate. QED Environment Systems says that its MicroPurge MP25 purge stabilisation flow cell system makes consistent low-flow groundwater sampling simpler and more accurate, while the associated PurgeScan technology monitors purging parameters and automatically performs stabilisation, reducing potential for error […]

Whitefox ICE sees growing number of installations

The Whitefox ICE system is integrated into existing corn ethanol production plants with minimal disruption and a small footprint. Whitefox Technologies has announced that the latest installation of its Whitefox ICE membrane dehydration system, its eighth installation in the US, at Southwest Iowa Renewable Fuels (SIRE) has now passed 250 days of successful operation. The state of Iowa […]

MOVA completes successful pollutant capture tests

The prototype of the Panel Bed Filtration System being tested in the lab. MOVA Technologies Inc., a technology company based in Pulaski, Virginia in the USA,  which is researching pollution control strategies for industrial emissions, has announced the successful completion of initial proof-of-concept (POC) testing of gaseous contaminants (CO2, SO2, NO) through the Advanced Propulsion […]

Veolia launches combination single-skid unit

The TERION S standard single-skid unit combines single pass reverse osmosis (RO) and continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) to produce high-grade deionised water. Veolia Water Technologies’ new TERION S standard single-skid unit combines single pass reverse osmosis (RO) and continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) to produce high-grade deionised water for laboratory, power, and general industry applications. In May 2020, […]

MAAG launches improved screen changer portfolio

. MAAG’s design gives leakproof operation, and the metal hybrid sealing system can handle temperatures up to 320°C. The MAAG Group, part of Dover, has released an updated melt filtration product portfolio that supports compounding processes. Melt filtration is an important system component for compounding lines and filter systems remove contaminants and gels from the […]

Alfa Laval to use digital twin technology as it expands separator capacity

Alfa Laval will use advanced digital twin technology when the company expands and automates production capacity of separators at its facility in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The technology will facilitate operations development and reduce the ramp-up time of production. Alfa Laval will use Real Digital Twin (RDT) technology from AFRY, an international engineering, design and advisory company. […]

Sofi Filtration solves excess condensate water

The Tammervoima waste-to-energy facility. Sofi Filtrations water treatment system. A waste-to-energy plant in Finland incinerates 160,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste annually and is equipped with the latest technology. Yet, it was producing excess amounts of flue gas condensate water until a water filtration specialist found a solution. The Tammervioma’s waste-to-energy plant in Finland has […]

Porvair supplies filters for Covid-19 testing

SAMBA II machines for rapid diagnostic testing for Covid-19 infection. (Image: Diagnostics for the Real World) Porvair Sciences is supplying its Vyon porous plastic filters to University of Cambridge spin-out company, Diagnostics for the Real World, to be used in its SAMBA II machine that provides diagnosis of Covid-19 infection in under 90 minutes. SAMBA […]

Modeling of spiral wound membranes for gas separations

Journal of Membrane Science The research article ‘Modeling of spiral wound membranes for gas separations. Part I: An iterative 2D permeation model’ is available in Elsevier’s Journal of Membrane Science. Abstract Membranes are excellent alternatives for gas separations due to their low installation and maintenance costs. In industrial environment, membranes are usually organized in modules with […]

NTU professor’s startup Aromatec scores funding

Congratulation to Prof. Wang Rong and Dr. Shi Lei on their Singapore-based startup Aromatec that has just raised an undisclosed sum to help improve that tech. Read the full article here

Saltworks launches silica extractor

SilicaSelect combines two existing technologies, the ScaleSense selective ion sensor and the BrineRefine chemical softening system. Saltworks Technologies has recently introduced SilicaSelect, part of its IonSelect Solution family, which selectively targets silica in wastewaters while keeping treatment footprint and costs down. Silica can cause serious problems in water systems. It precipitates at very low concentrations […]

  • 14 Jul 2020
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Tetra Pak combines technologies to treat beverages

Instead of pasteurising the whole volume of the product, the new production line separates out water and pasteurises only the concentrate. Tetra Pak recently launched a low-energy processing line for juice, nectar and still drinks (JNSD) which uses a combination of pasteurisation, filtration and UV light technology to treat beverages in two separate streams, which […]

Duperon bar screening system helps farmers

The FlexRake FRHD automated bar screens are successfully protecting the companys pumps from tumbleweeds and other debris. Duperon’s FlexRake FRHD automated bar screening system is helping farmers in Eastern Idaho clear debris for crop irrigation, protecting pumps from tumbleweeds and other debris, ensuring worker safety and eliminating maintenance. The FlexRake FRD system was installed at […]

H2O Innovation expands in Texas

H2O Innovation Inc has acquired Gulf Utility Service Inc (GUS), a US company providing water and wastewater management solutions in the state of Texas in a C$3.713 million deal. With over 20 years of experience in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of water and wastewater treatment systems, GUS offers its services to approximately 40 municipal […]

  • 9 Jul 2020
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SPX Flow: new VP for commercial business in EMEA

Simon Phillips. SPX Flow Inc has appointed Simon Phillips as vice president and head of its commercial business in Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EMEA). Based in the UK, Phillips will lead SPX Flow’s sales and customer relationship operations in the region. Phillips joins SPX Flow with more than 30 years of experience, including […]

GEA maintains the required taste

Kukko dealcoholised beer from Laitilan Oy brewery has kept its flavour close to the original using GEAs AromaPlus technology. (Image: Laitilan Oy) A Finnish brewery wanted to ensure its alcoholised beer retained the aroma, colour and turbidity of its alcohol range. It turned to GEA and its membrane filtration technology to achieve required alcohol-free levels […]

Lanxess’s solar power solves water scarcity

Villagers collecting clean water from the Burani WaterKiosk. (Image: Boreal Light) Water scarcity in Kenya is common and much of its population has no access to clean water. Treating wastewater using renewable energy is key to solving the problem and one German company is providing simple, affordable solar-powered water treatment to a Kenyan village. According […]

Oscillatory membrane filtration

Desalination The research article ‘Purification of produced water using oscillatory membrane filtration’ has been published in Elsevier journal Desalination (Volume 491, 1 October 2020, 114428). Abstract A new method of purification of produced water is reviewed. Recently membrane oscillation for separating solid particles and liquids drops has attracted researchers globally. Metallic slotted pore membranes were used in the […]

KSS significantly expands manufacturing capacity of reinforced hollow-fibre membranes

Publication date: June 2020 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2020, Issue 6 Author(s):

June’s top filtration news stories

A new ultrafiltration brand from Microdyn-Nadir, our Covid-19 coverage and Porvair Filtration Group’s surface modification technologies were the most popular business news stories on the Filtration+Separation website in June 2020.   1. Microdyn-Nadir launches new brand for UF line Microdyn-Nadir’s new brand for its hollow fibre PVDF ultrafiltration (UF) product line is the Microdyn PureULTRA module for treating […]

Brewery benefits from special taste

The Agidens cold stabilisation module, which uses Parker Bioscience Filtrations PREPOR NG and BEVPOR BR filters. A Croatian brewery wanted to produce a premium, non-pasteurised lager, requiring the installation of a cold stabilisation module. A partnership between Parker BioScience Filtration and Agidens Process Automation achieved microbial stability while protecting the taste of the lager. Zagrebaka […]

Alfa Laval partners with Orège

Alfa Laval has signed a global commercial agreement with Orège, a French global cleantech company supplying patented solutions for wastewater treatment. The partnership will expand the two companies’ market presence. Alfa Laval’s range of products and solutions for the wastewater treatment industry includes the Alfa Laval Ashbrook Simon-Hartley line of belt filter presses used to […]

Lanxess uses combined process to remove solids

At its Bitterfeld site, Lanxess produces Lewabrane reverse osmosis membrane elements for the global market. (Image: Lanxess) Together with the French company, Polymem SA, the Liquid Purification Technologies (LPT) business unit at specialty chemicals company Lanxess recently completed a project for an Italian oil company using a combination of ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO). […]

University spin-out develops filtration technology

Using chemically modified molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), Molymem has developed an energy-efficient and versatile membrane coating. Scientists and experts from The University of Manchester have successfully developed a high-performing membrane coating based around a new class of 2D materials, which has applications in the pharmaceutical, wastewater management and food and beverage sectors. Following an 18-month technical […]