Aquaporin membranes cut hemodialysis water costs

A forward osmosis system using Aquaporin Inside membranes could reduce the water consumption of dialysis centres by 75%. Aquaporin is working to make hemodialysis more sustainable by using its Aquaporin Inside membranes in a forward osmosis water purification system to reduce the high water consumption of hemodialysis machines by 75%. The Dialysis Department at the […]

Executive leadership changes at Pentair

Pentair plc has made three appointments to its executive leadership team, with Bob Fishman as executive vice president (EVP), chief financial officer and chief accounting officer; Mario D’Ovidio as EVP and president of the Consumer Solutions segment; and Jerome Pedretti as EVP and president of the Industrial & Flow Technologies segment. All three will report […]

Xylem supports community-based responses to Covid-19

Xylem has extended its Partner Community Grants Program to support community-level responses to Covid-19. The company’s corporate citizenship program, Xylem Watermark, is inviting customers and partners worldwide to nominate non-profit organizations in their communities to receive grant funding for Covid-19 responses. The Watermark Partner Community Grants Program will accept online nominations from Xylem customers, suppliers and partners, anywhere in […]

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Promotions in SPX Flow’s US sales teams

SPX Flow has announced a number of strategic promotions in the company’s US sales teams. Mark Scheid is promoted to Process Solutions Western Territory Leader in the US. Scheid has been with the SPX Flow business for nearly 20 years. His team will work with channel partners in the region to grow many SPX Flow […]

HVAC & indoor air quality from Atlas Copco

Breathing air purifiers play an essential role in hazardous applications such as tank cleaning, pharmaceutical manufacturing and spray painting. Atlas Copcos breathing air purifier (BAP) range features seven vital functions. The ideal breathing air purifier should combine the functions of water separation, contaminant filtration and desiccant drying of the air output. In some industrial sectors […]

Forward osmosis membranes and processes: A comprehensive review

Desalination. The research article ‘Forward osmosis membranes and processes: A comprehensive review of research trends and future outlook’ has been published in Elsevier journal Desalination (Volume 485, 1 July 2020, 114455). Abstract Recently, Forward Osmosis (FO) desalination process has been widely investigated as a potential technology that could minimize the drawbacks of traditional desalination processes. To review the […]

Sulzer Chemtech supports Covid-19 drug production

Sulzers ECR, a high-performance advanced extraction technology is particularly suitable as it can effectively handle a high flow rate, maximising throughput. Sulzer Chemtech’s agitated Kühni column (ECR) for liquid-liquid extraction is being used to increase production capacity of drugs produced by pharmaceutical manufacturer Farmhispania, to treat critically ill Covid-19 patients. The urgent need for pharma […]

Toray joint research could boost RO systems

The research findings could help enhance the water permeability and substance removal capabilities of RO systems. (Image: Shutterstock) Toray Industries has announced joint research findings that could help enhance the water permeability and substance removal capabilities of reverse osmosis (RO) systems. The company undertook the research with the Bioengineering Laboratory and Theoretical Molecular Science Laboratory […]

Centrisys centrifuges selected for California water recycling plant

A Centrisys CS30-4DT decanter centrifuge. Centrisys Corp is supplying five decanter centrifuges and one spare rotating assembly unit for an upgrade and expansion at Inland Empire Utilities’ Regional Water Recycling Plant No 5 (RP-5) in Chino, California. The five custom CS30-4DT decanter centrifuges and spare rotating assembly unit will be designed, engineered and built in […]

ELGA LabWater launches system for lab applications

PURELAB Quest is a laboratory water system for lab applications in academia, government and industry. ELGA LabWater, a Veolia Water Technologies company, has released the PURELAB Quest, a laboratory water system that delivers water for lab applications in academia, government and industry. PURELAB Quest’s design allows it to dispense all three types of lab water […]

Memsift forms strategic partnership with CSRE in China

Dr J Antony Prince, founder and CEO of Memsift Innovations. Singapore-based Memsift Innovations Pte Ltd has entered into a strategic partnership with Beijing China Science Resources and Environmental Technology Co Ltd (CSRE) to work together on solutions for industrial liquid-waste volume reduction, brine treatment, zero liquid discharge and resource recovery in China. Memsift is the […]

Patterned polysulfone membranes for microalgae harvesting

Bioresource Technology. The research article ‘Optimization of patterned polysulfone membranes for microalgae harvesting’ has been published in Elsevier journal Bioresource Technology (Volume 309, August 2020, 123367). Abstract Membranes with a wave pattern on the membrane surface are now proposed for the first time to alleviate microalgal fouling and increase the membrane flux. The membrane morphology was observed via […]

CETCO launches adsorbent for PFAS remediation

Fluoro-Sorb adsorbent is an NSF-certified product that treats multiple variants of PFAS. CETCO’S new Fluoro-Sorb adsorbent is a NSF-certified product that treats multiple variants of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).   PFAS have been used in everyday products for many years but the chemical has seeped into soil and water and the strong carbon-fluorine chemical bond prevents […]

Veolia helps pulp mill manage chemical recovery

Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper produces high purity pulp at its paper mill in Kerinci. Veolia will treat 550 tonnes per day of precipitator ash through its Enhanced Chloride Removal Process (ECRP). Veolia’s ECRP systems have been designed to integrate into existing facilities. Due to their modularised design, compact ECRP systems are engineered for installation […]

NEA’s 3rd Grant Call On Non Incinerable Waste (NIW): Closing The Waste Loop (CTWL) R&D Initiative

  NEA has launched the Request-for-Proposal (RFP) on “Landfill Avoidance and Value Recovery for Non-Incinerable Waste” on 19 March 2020. Proposals are invited to be submitted before the closing date of 25 June 2020 (Thursday), 11am*. Applicants can refer to NEA’s webpage at for the RFP’s scope and instructions. The applications are to be […]

Koch Separation Solutions expands membrane manufacturing capacity

Koch Separation Solutions (KSS) is expanding the manufacturing capacity of its Puron reinforced hollow fibre membrane technology by 50%. The company says that the manufacturing expansion reflects its significant growth and an increased ability to quickly serve businesses that use its reinforced hollow fibre membrane technologies. “Expanding our Puron membrane manufacturing capacity represents the exciting […]

Mann+Hummel: new VP for Membrane Solutions

Marco Nava, Mann+Hummels vice president Membrane Solutions. Mann+Hummel has appointed Marco Nava as vice president Membrane Solutions and managing director of membrane and module specialist Microdyn-Nadir. Nava has served as managing director of Microdyn-Nadir Italy since the 2018 acquisition of private-label reverse osmosis spiral-wound membrane manufacturer Oltremare SpA. He was previously CEO of Oltremare. “We […]

Alfa Laval launches premium separator system

Alfa Laval’s CultureOne is designed for single-use processing in the biopharmaceutical industry. Alfa Laval’s separator system, the Alfa Laval CultureOne, is designed for single-use processing in the biopharmaceutical industry. All product-contact parts in the separator system can be replaced after each batch which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between batches, increasing process hygiene and safety […]

Watergen: turning air into drinking water

Workers in Vietnam enjoy fresh drinking water from the Watergen unit. Watergens large scale atmospheric water generator. According to the United Nations, more than two billion people are living in countries experiencing high water stress. However, an Israeli company has developed technology which uses humidity in the air to create clean drinking water, potentially making […]

Upgrading biogas with novel CCMS membranes

Chemical Engineering Journal. The research article ‘Upgrading biogas with novel composite carbon molecular sieve (CCMS) membranes: Experimental and techno-economic assessment’ has been published in Elsevier’s Chemical Engineering Journal (Volume 394, 15 August 2020, 124957). Abstract The use of biogas as feedstock for hydrogen production was widely proposed in the literature in the last years as a strategy to […]

Flow-Tech Systems launches industrial treatment

Flow-Tech Industrial is a chemical-free water treatment systems designed for heavy industrial applications. US water technology company Flow-Tech Systems recently introduced Flow-Tech Industrial, an offshoot of the company’s chemical-free water treatment systems designed for heavy industrial applications. The technology is already in use in mineral, bacteria, and corrosion management in facilities including power plants, mineral […]

National Research Foundation – Call For Ideas: To thrive in the new COVID-19 normal

  Overview The National Research Foundation (NRF) is calling for innovative ideas or proposed technological solutions from our Research Innovation & Enterprise (RIE) community, to enable Singapore and Singaporeans to adapt, and even thrive, in the “new COVID-19 normal”. There are no pre-defined themes or sectors identified for this Call-for-Ideas, but the problem statement being […]

Grundfos to close BioBooster business

The Grundfos BioBooster operations are to close following a series of unsuccessful attempts to refocus the business. Grundfos says that the company has failed to make a profit since it started in 1999 despite strong technology and significant investments. “We remain dedicated to pioneering solutions for water-related challenges, which is reflected in water solutions being […]

Brackish water desalination for greenhouses

The research article ‘Brackish water desalination for greenhouses: improving groundwater quality for irrigation using monovalent selective electrodialysis reversal’ has been published in Elsevier’s Journal of Membrane Science. Abstract Reverse osmosis (RO) is the most widely used desalination technology for treating brackish water prior to irrigation. RO, however, removes both monovalent ions (Na+,Cl−) detrimental to crops and […]

ProMinent donates water treatment system

ProMinent China employees installed and commissioned the water treatment system in just three days. ProMinent China recently donated two chlorine dioxide systems for water treatment to a temporary emergency hospital in Wuhan, built to combat the spread of Covid-19. Following the outbreak of Covid-19 in the Wuhan region, the second of two provisional hospitals came […]

Culligan acquires AquaVenture, divests Seven Seas Water

Culligan has completed its acquisition of AquaVenture Holdings Ltd and sold the Seven Seas Water operating segment to Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners. Culligan will retain AquaVenture’s Quench operating segment, which provides bottle-free, filtered drinking water systems and services. “We are excited to announce that the Quench team, and their leading platform in the US Office […]

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SPX Flow completes sale of Power and Energy business

SPX Flow Inc has sold its Power and Energy segment to funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management Inc. The sale is part of SPX Flow’s strategy to focus on process solutions for essential sanitary and industrial process markets. Approximately 50% of SPX Flow’s sales are now in sanitary markets such as food and […]

akvola Technologies introduces MicroGas XL series

The new MicroGas XL from akvola Technologies, is for high gas flow rates. (Image: akvola Technologies) The new MicroGas XL series from water technology company akvola Technologies is for high gas flow rates and can be used for building energy-efficient large-scale flotation plants and oxygenation and ozonation systems. Unlike conventional microbubble generation technologies, the MicroGas technology […]

Digital water solutions can help combat Covid-19

Albert Cho, vice president and general manager at Xylem. Remote monitoring and data acquisition technologies will enable utility managers to keep an eye on their assets in real time even if they cannot visit. (Image: Shutterstock) Cloud-based SCADA platforms will enable operators to safely work from home, or from anywhere, as needed. (Image AdobeStock) Albert […]

Porvair adapts manufacturing to fight Covid-19

Porvair has adapted its manufacturing to produce ventilators and contribute towards medical testing and pharmaceutical production. In response to government calls for businesses to support the production and supply of ventilators and their components, Porvair has adapted some of its manufacturing processes to supply ventilator and breathing apparatus. The company’s Segensworth division in the UK […]

De Nora marine sewage treatment systems are certified as complying with IMO and BV marine type approvals

Publication date: March 2020 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2020, Issue 3 Author(s):

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Ozopure releases next generation ozone technology

Ozopures technology uses flat plate reaction modules, avoids the use of glass and its end and middle plates boost robustness. Manufacturer of ozone generators, Ozopure has spent four years developing new ozone technology for use with wastewater, potable water, in the pharmaceutical and food industries, for disinfection and sterilisation and reverse osmosis. Ozone has a […]

Temasek Foundation – Seeking Solutions to Combat Outbreak of Infectious Diseases

  Temasek Foundation is calling on individuals, groups, start-ups or companies, who are working on impactful and innovative technologies targeted at combating the COVID-19 virus or other infectious disease outbreaks, to submit their proposals for project development funding. This is a new call for proposals to support impactful and innovative technologies to be piloted or […]

Siltbuster launches online monitoring system

Siltbuster’s Clarity alerts plant operators that the system needs attention to maintain compliance with any discharge criteria in place. Siltbuster’s online real-time water quality monitoring and reporting system, Clarity, offers environmental advisors and managers in the construction industry a greater level of reassurance when monitoring environmental performance remotely. The result of 18 months of development […]

DuPont donates RO elements to Ethiopian village

The US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Michael Raynor, turned on the tap to make fresh water available in the village of Serdo. DuPont Water Solutions recently joined forces with USAID, CARE Ethiopia and Puretec Israel to provide clean, safe water to the community in the drought stricken village of Serdo in Ethiopia. When a seal came […]

H2O Innovation appoints new sales manager for biofuels

Jerry Tegels, a 30-year veteran of the water treatment chemicals and equipment industry, has joined H2O Innovation as biofuels sales manager. Tegels started his career as a chemical engineer at Ryko Manufacturing in the early days of reverse osmosis, and has been in technical/chemical sales with Betz/GE Water and Buckman in the ethanol process treatment and […]

Enhanced fabrication of silicon carbide membranes for wastewater treatment

The research article ‘Enhanced Fabrication of Silicon Carbide Membranes for Wastewater Treatment: from Laboratory to Industrial Scale’ has been published in Elsevier’s Journal of Membrane Science. Abstract An environmental-friendly procedure has been developed for the fabrication of pure silicon carbide membranes on macroporous SiC support via ceramic processing. Water dispersions of α-SiC powders were used for […]