Hydranautics releases membrane projection software

The software is based on the companys simulator and is its next generation integrated membrane projection software. Hydranautics, a Nitto Group company, has launched its IMSDesign Cloud membrane projection software to simulate RO, UF and NF membrane projections in various combinations. The software is based on the company’s simulator and is its next generation integrated […]

De Nora joins the Smart Water Networks Forum

De Nora is now a member of SWAN, the UK-based Smart Water Networks Forum. SWAN brings together international water utilities, solution providers, academics, investors, regulators and other industry experts to accelerate the awareness and adoption of smart, data-driven solutions in water and wastewater networks worldwide. “De Nora is a great fit for membership in SWAN […]

The challenges of RO disinfection

Biofouling in water reverse osmosis remains a severe and recurrent problem. (Image Scott T. O’Donnell/Shutterstock) Biofouling under the microscope. An example of biofouling on a RO element. Bacterial colony seen by microscopy (3 micrometer range). Bacterial colony mixed with crystal scale by microscopy (300 nm range). Biofouling in water reverse osmosis remains a severe and […]

Man City FC and Xylem deliver clean water in Bangalore

Manchester City Football Club has teamed up with official water technology partner Xylem for a second year to build two new sustainable clean water towers in Bangalore, India with the help of volunteer fans. As part of the club’s Cityzens Giving project, five Manchester City fans from across India joined Xylem employees and former player […]

SIMAM provides MBR technology for Italian plant

SIMAM’s MBR technology at the Terni Water treatment plant in Italy. (Image: SIMAM) Italian engineering and construction company, SIMAM S.p.A from Senigallia, has just completed work on a major expansion project at a wastewater treatment plant in Terni, Italy. The water treatment plant is owned by a large Italian company and handles concentrate from dyeing […]

Membrane fouling mitigation strategies for desalination

The review article ‘Fouling mitigation in forward osmosis and membrane distillation for desalination’ has been published in Elsevier journal Desalination (Volume 480, 15 April 2020, 114338). Abstract Freshwater scarcity is one of the grand challenges that has posed threats to the global economy, societal stability and ecosystem balance. Desalination has been long recognized as an effective approach for […]

Researchers develop new water from air process

The new system developed by researchers at Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, which produces water from the air. A new energy-efficient, two-stage separation system which produces clean water from the air has been developed by Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, and aims to provide water to small and isolated communities. Professor David Broday […]

Veolia launches SIRION Advanced for process water

Veolia Water Technologies has released the SIRION Advanced, a compact, plug-and-play reverse osmosis system for high purity water production. Through Solys, its internal manufacturing and global logistics platform, Veolia Water Technologies has released the SIRION Advanced, a compact, plug-and-play reverse osmosis system for high purity water production which integrates the company’s AQUAVISTA digital services. The company […]

FiltXPO speakers address water sustainability

FiltXPO attendees will hear the latest research findings from Eric M.V. Hoek, PhD, on uncharged organic transport through nanofiltration/reverse osmosis membranes. The latest keynote presentation to join the programme for the FiltXPO International Filtration/Separation Exhibition & Technical Conference is entitled, Engineering the Next Generation of Membrane Materials Needed to Achieve Global Water Sustainability Goals.  FiltXPO […]

Low dimensional carbon membrane designs

The research article ‘A review on low dimensional carbon desalination and gas separation membrane designs’ has been published in Elsevier’s Journal of Membrane Science (Volume 598, 15 March 2020, 117785). Abstract The widespread use of low dimensional carbon membrane for desalination and gas separation is limited by the difficulty to physically realise such membrane designs on a meaningful […]

Amazon Filters expands cartridge manufacturing capacity

Amazon Filters’ £0.75 million investment has boosted production in Camberley, Surrey, UK. 24/7 cartridge production at Amazon Filters facility in Camberley, Surrey, UK. Amazon Filters has made a £0.75 million investment to boost 24/7 cartridge production at its European manufacturing centre in Camberley, Surrey, UK.at its European manufacturing centre in Camberley, Surrey, UK. As well […]

BioFlex turns wood into green bioproducts

The BioFlex process is a pre-treatment technology for lignocellulosic biomass which uses waste wood. The main products from the BioFlex process are cellulose and lignin for use in a more sustainable chemical industry. (l to r) Agnieszka Brandt-Talbot, Jason Hallett and Florence Gschwend of Chrysalix Technologies. The process of using crude oil to produce petroleum […]

WANGEN X-UNIT offers 6 bar pressure stability

Wangens new modular X-UNIT system is designed for the separation and crushing of foreign bodies. Wangen’s new modular X-UNIT system, designed for the separation and crushing of foreign bodies provides protection for plant and equipment and now has 6 bar pressure stability and optimised properties. The X-UNIT is made up of the X-TRACT (foreign matter […]

Imagine H2O Asia Accelerator Program

  Imagine H2O Asia, the water innovation accelerator, is now accepting applications to its 2020 program. Up to 10 global companies with a commitment to develop and scale their water businesses in Southeast Asia and the wider region will be invited to participate. Solutions will be considered that advance water and climate resilience across various […]

Veolia to provide chloride removal system

Veolia’s technology will optimise the processing of wood-derived pulp used to make cellulose fibres. Veolia Water Technologies will deliver key chemical removal technology to a global pulp producer in Brazil, which is designed to optimise the processing of wood-derived pulp used to make cellulose fibres. The growing demand for textiles made with renewable fibres has […]

HRS explains exchanger fouling

Corrugated tubes have been shown to help reduce many types of fouling. For materials with the highest fouling factor, a scraped-surface heat exchanger, like the patented HRS Unicus Series, may be required. Limescale from water may be the most common form of chemical fouling, but there are many others. Biological fouling from algae can often […]

Kansas Ethanol to install Whitefox ICE membrane dehydration system

Kansas Ethanol’s plant in Lyons, Kansas. Kansas Ethanol LLC is to use a Whitefox ICE membrane dehydration system at its 77 million gallons per year (mmgy) plant in Lyons, Kansas, USA to further reduce energy consumption. The Whitefox ICE will enable Kansas Ethanol to increase production by an average rate of 30 000 gallons per […]

NSF/ANSI cuts permissible lead concentration

Ben Kaczmarek tests drinking water treatment systems at NSF International for NSF certification to the new lower lead threshold. (Image: NSF International) The joint committee governing the American National Standards for drinking water treatment units recently lowered the maximum allowable concentration of lead in treated drinking water to 5 parts per billion. Standards NSF/ANSI 53: Drinking […]

The future of membranes

The review article ‘Thinking the future of membranes: Perspectives for advanced and new membrane materials and manufacturing processes’ has been published in Elsevier’s Journal of Membrane Science (Volume 598, 15 March 2020, 117761). Abstract The state-of-the-art of membrane technology is characterized by a number of mature applications such as sterile filtration, hemodialysis, water purification and gas separation, as […]

Temasek Foundation – 7th Ecosperity Innovations Call for Proposals

  Temasek Foundation champions sustainability and innovative solutions to improve liveability in an abc World of active and productive economies, beautiful and inclusive societies, and a clean and cool earth. Through the Ecosperity Innovations Call for Proposals, Temasek Foundation funds and supports ideas and innovations for actual application through commercialisation and enterprise, to bring about […]

January 2020’s top filtration stories

Image DG-Studio/Shutterstock. DuPont’s latest acquisitions, a portable purification system developed at UWE Bristol and a new Toray seawater desalinating RO membrane were the most-read stories on the Filtration+Separation website during January 2020.   1. DuPont expands water technology portfolio with 4 acquisitions DuPont completes its acquisitions of Desalitech, Inge GmbH, Memcor and OxyMem Ltd.   2. UWE […]

Extended role for De Nora product technology manager

De Nora has expanded product technology manager Sean Kennedy’s role to focus on the growing global water contamination crisis. Kennnedy, who is based in the Philadelphia area office, joined De Nora last year to manage Sorb™ inorganic contaminant removal technologies, including arsenic and nitrate removal. Now he will also manage the company’s Uat™ membrane filtration […]

Liquinex suitcase water purification wins award

Liquinex’s compact water purification system has won a global water award in Dubai. The Singaporean water treatment and recycling company Liquinex, developers of a compact, solar-operated water purification system the size of a suitcase, has won a global water award in Dubai. Liquinex was awarded first place in the Innovative Research and Development Award International […]

  • 6 Feb 2020
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Tapflo establishes office in Croatia

The Croatian flag. Image: Armita/Shutterstock. The Swedish Tapflo Group is strengthening its presence in central Europe by setting up Tapflo Croatia. Tapflo Croatia, which will handle the Croatian and Slovenian markets, will offer the full range of Tapflo products including electrically operated diaphragm pumps, air operated diaphragm pumps, active pulsation dampeners, centrifugal pumps, filter press […]

Beer benefits from Tsurumi aerator treatment

The TRN submersible aerators were installed in fall of 2018. The installation of the free-standing BER/TRN aerator is easier to install and more economical. Tsurumis TRN submersible aerators have been designed for easy installation and simple maintenance. The TRN submersible aerators were installed in fall of 2018. The installation of the free-standing BER/TRN aerator is […]

  • 4 Feb 2020
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I.W. Tremont offers multiple layered depth filter

The MultiDensity 1000 filter is a thin, binderless glass microfibre filter with multiple layers that retain a wide range of solids. The MultiDensity 1000 filter from I.W. Tremont is a thin, binderless glass microfibre filter with multiple layers that retain a wide range of solids. The 0.8 mm filter has a particle retention of 1.0 […]

Review: Pre-deposited dynamic membrane filtration

The research article ‘Pre-deposited dynamic membrane filtration – A review’ has been published in the journal Water Research. Abstract A dynamic membrane (DM) is a layer of particles deposited via permeation drag onto a conventional membrane, such that the deposited particles act as a secondary membrane that minimizes fouling of the primary membrane to lower transmembrane […]

Amazon Filters supports Anglian Water project

Amazon’s Supa Spun II filter cartridges in production. Amazon Filters has been working with Anglian Water on its drought resilience project by supplying a temporary filtration unit and responding to demand for filter cartridges with its Supa Spun II products. Anglian Water’s new £28 million Grafham resilience scheme allows the transfer of treated drinking water […]

KMS’ acquisition of ion-exchange systems firm broadens the range of separation products it offers its customers

Publication date: January 2020 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2020, Issue 1 Author(s): Towards the end of 2019, US-based membrane technology company Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) bought ion-exchange systems manufacturer Eco-Tec Inc.