Sartorius set to acquire parts of Danaher’s life science portfolio

Publication date: December 2019 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2019, Issue 12 Author(s): Germany’s Sartorius Ag has recently signed an agreement to buy businesses from Danaher Corp – covering label-free biomolecular characterisation, chromatography hardware and resins, and microcarriers – which are part of its life science portfolio.

Microdyn-Nadir unveils updated website

The new website places an emphasis on products, applications and availability of technical material. Microdyn-Nadir’s new website places an emphasis on products, applications and availability of technical material, with a focus on customer engagement. The improvements allow customers to find what they need quickly. In addition, the website offers the option to view pages in […]

Saltworks commissions membrane concentrator

used together, the technologies within the membrane concentrator can concentrate highly scaling brines to 130,000 mg/L total dissolved solids. Saltworks Technologies has begun commissioning a membrane concentrator which makes extensive use of turbocharged reverse osmosis. The turbocharging relies on four elements: BrineRefine technology to remove scaling ions, which enables downstream processing at extremely high recoveries; […]

Porvair expands range of compressed air filters

Porvair has launched seven new metallic Compfil filters for use within process air and gas applications. The Porvair Filtration Group has further expanded its range of microfiltration products with the launch of seven new metallic Compfil filters for use within process air and gas applications. The filters are used in industries including sterile applications within […]

Inge secures its biggest-ever contract

Inge GmbH’s ultrafiltration technology has been chosen as a pretreatment stage for a seawater desalination facility in Singapore. The replacement project is Inge’s biggest contract to date. The contract covers 68 Inge T-Rack 3.0 trains equipped with more than 7000 dizzer XL type modules. These will replace old UF membranes from another manufacturer at the […]

Toray looks to the future with new R&D centre in Japan

Toray Industries Inc has inaugurated an R&D Innovation Center for the Future at its Shiga plant in Otsu, Japan. The new facility will lead Toray’s global research as its functional materials headquarters. It will engage in research and develop technologies through collaboration with the company’s domestic and overseas production and sales units creating advanced materials, […]

PFRO: Innovative process for water reuse

Author: Lior Eshed, senior process engineer and product development manager at IDE Technologies. The Central Coast Blue Advanced Water Purification Demo Facility in Pismo Beach, CA. The Pulse Flow Reverse Osmosis (PFRO) is a new way to operate RO, chloramine-free. It allows us to achieve high recovery and very high flux, all in a single […]

Fouling control in ceramic nanofiltration membranes

The research article ‘Fouling control in ceramic nanofiltration membranes during municipal sewage treatment’ has been published in Elsevier journal Separation and Purification Technology. Abstract Using ceramic nanofiltration membranes for treatment of municipal sewage is upcoming. However, the knowledge on fouling control methods for this application are very limited. The most commonly used fouling control method, chemical […]

Screen success at US WWTP

Headworks Internationals Bar Screens being delivered to the Hyperion WRP. The Bar Screens at work at the Hyperion WRP. The Hyperion water reclamation plant (WRP) in Los Angeles is one of the most advanced wastewater treatment plants in the world. When the old screens were upgraded, it chose an international wastewater treatment specialist to provide […]

Suez to expand Hungarian ultrafiltration membrane plant

Suez Water Technologies & Solutions CEO Yuvbir Singh announcing the expansion in Hungary. Suez Water Technologies & Solutions is investing around €30 million to expand its ultrafiltration membrane manufacturing plant in Oroszlány, Hungary. The plant is one of the largest in the world dedicated to the production of hollow-fibre ultrafiltration membranes. Suez says that the […]

Reducing the risk of biogas leakage

AD plants have inherent weak spots, which make them susceptible to biogas leakage. Of the 964 plants surveyed, 85% were suffering from biogas leakage. The UK’s anaerobic digestion (AD) industry has grown by 350% in a decade but biogas leakage is still a problem, leading to environmental pollution and health and safety risks. This article […]

Apateq’s adaptable direct water reuse system

The Apateq water treatment plant treats brackish well water and pre-treated industrial process water. Dedicated software enables the plant to self-adapt to different water qualities. The Swedish municipality of Mörbylånga faced a shortage of drinking water due to the demands of tourism and local industry. The municipality commissioned a Luxembourg-based water technology company to create […]

IDA announces strategic partnership

Officials from the IDA and the Chinese Society of Seawater Desalination and Water Reuse at the signing ceremony. The International Desalination Association (IDA) recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Chinese Society of Seawater Desalination and Water Reuse. The partnership agreement was signed at the opening ceremony of the West Lake International Water Conference, […]

Sartorius extends Joachim Kreuzburg’s appointment as CEO

Dr Joachim Kreuzburg. Sartorius AG’s supervisory board has extended the appointment of group CEO Dr Joachim Kreuzburg by another five-year period to 10 November 2025. The extension was made ahead of schedule. Kreuzburg serves as CEO and executive board chairman of Sartorius. He has been a member of the Sartorius executive board since 2002. “We […]

De.mem’s proprietary MF membrane is targeted at clients in the food and beverage industry

Publication date: November 2019 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2019, Issue 11 Author(s): Australian–Singaporean water and wastewater treatment company De.mem Ltd is now offering a proprietary microfiltration (MF) membrane, which it has developed in-house for specific applications in the food and beverage sector.


Publication date: November 2019 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2019, Issue 11 Author(s):

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Publication date: November 2019 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2019, Issue 11 Author(s):

Novel NF membrane triples water permeability whilst selectively removing components from raw water

Publication date: November 2019 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2019, Issue 11 Author(s): Simon Atkinson Japan’s Toray Industries Inc has developed a nanofiltration (NF) membrane with a novel structure which, it says, triples water permeability, whilst selectively removing components from raw water. This article provides an insight into the technology.

Research Trends

Publication date: November 2019 Source: Membrane Technology, Volume 2019, Issue 11 Author(s):

Software brings design benefits

As the electrical aspects of Eclipse Magnetics’ business were getting more complex, the company felt the need for a powerful and versatile electrical design tool. (Image: Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock) When designer and manufacturer of magnets and associated technology Eclipse Magnetics was looking to improve its design and production capabilities it chose computer aided engineering software from EPLAN. […]

KKR and XPV Water Partners form wastewater treatment platform

Investment firm KKR and Canada’s XPV Water Partners have established a platform to provide end-to-end nutrient management solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Through the acquisitions of Environmental Operating Solutions Inc (EOSi) and Nexom Inc the platform aims to address nutrient contamination of water globally by building a diversified and growing portfolio of […]

Intelliquip acquired by FPX

FPX, the B2B selling cloud vendor, has acquired Intelliquip, the front-end sales CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) solutions developer for the fluid handling equipment industry. In acquiring Intelliquip, FPX broadens its offering of purpose-built solutions that simplify the selling of complex manufactured goods and adds more than 70 customers worldwide. Founded in 2000 and based […]

The roles of particles in enhancing membrane filtration

The research article ‘The roles of particles in enhancing membrane filtration: A review’ has been published in Elsevier’s Journal of Membrane Science. Abstract Particles suspended within feed flow or added into membrane-filtration systems may behave as foulant or fouling mitigation agent. The fine boundary between these two roles warrant attention to promote the beneficial role of […]

Zero Brine launches first pilot in Rotterdam

The Zero Brine pilot has begun in Rotterdam port. The EU-funded Zero Brine project, which aims to reduce industrial saline wastewater streams by recovering and reusing minerals and metals from wastewater, has begun its first pilot phase in Rotterdam port, one of the largest petrochemical clusters in Europe. Circular industrial processes are essential to develop […]

The top Filtration+Separation news stories in November

Our most popular stories in November covered product developments at Liquinex, Donaldson and Toray. 1. Liquinex offers water purification in a suitcase Singaporean water treatment and recycling company Liquinex develops a compact, solar-operated water purification system, which uses ceramic ultrafiltration, UVC and graphene technology.   2. Donaldson tests wireless air filter monitoring Donaldson is field […]

Magnetic filtration – are you using it?

Magnetic filters are commonly used during the manufacturing stage in the automotive industry. By producing a magnetic field or loading zones that collect magnetic iron and steel particles, magnetic filters can often outperform traditional, mechanical filters. In many machines as much as 90% of all particles suspended in the oil can be iron or steel […]

SIDEM Barrel launched at IDA World Congress

The SIDEM Barrel at the Veolia Oman Sur treatment plant. SIDEM, a Veolia company, recently introduced its new modular reverse osmosis technology called the Barrel, at the IDA World Congress in Dubai. The Barrel is an integrated solution, a multi RO element vessel where the RO process implementation is identical to the one the company […]

Scottish Water pilot uses earthworms in wastewater

The Scottish Water pilot site at Littlemill in Nairnshire. Scottish Water’s Research and Innovation team is conducting a 12-month pilot which uses water fleas and earthworms to treat wastewater. Part of an EU-funded project called Innoqua, which is being trialled in 11 countries including Scotland, the pilot will measure the effectiveness of earthworms, water fleas and microalgae […]

Thermally stable membranes for water treatment

The research article ‘Thermally stable thin film composite polymeric membranes for water treatment: A review’ has been published in Elsevier’s Journal of Cleaner Production. Abstract Demand for hot water treatment has opened up broad new areas of research for fabricating thermally stable polymer membranes. In multiple industrial applications, the contaminated process water must be treated at […]

Invitation to PUB’s Grant Call Information Session on 12 Dec 2019

INVITATION TO PUB’S GRANT CALL INFORMATION SESSION ON 12 DEC 2019   PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, launched a Directed Request for Proposals (RFPs) on 2 Dec 2019 under the Competitive Research Programme (Water) to invite researchers and industries to develop solutions on the topic of “Low-energy Low-chemical Pre/Post-Treatment for Seawater Desalination”.   2             Energy […]